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There was a time, not all that long ago, when it was unthinkable that South Africa would have a black president.

It was unthinkable also that out of one of those black townships that existed under apartheid would come a business mogul wor read more...

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EU Averts Split with Deal to Bailout Spanish and Italian Banks; Barclays Boss Bob Diamond Under Fire Over Bad Behavior; Stock Market Surge After EU Summit Deal

Aired June 29

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South Africa car industry pledges to boost black-owned firms

JOHANNESBURG, June 28 South Africa's vehicle

manufacturers aim to increase the share of industry production

by black-owned companies to 60 percent by 2035, from 38 percent

now, an industry body said on Wednesday.

The an

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Desert Winds Blow Poisonous Mine Debris Into California Towns

RANDSBURG, Calif - Heaps of toxic mine waste rise like church steeples over this wind-swept desert town, threatening the health of residents and of thousands of off-road bikers.

Tests on dust samples have revealed some of the highest arseni read more...

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How hunger in India is causing conflict in East Africa

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The fraud detectives. - Free Online Library

To fight soaring white collar crime, South Africa has turned to the

intriguing science of forensic accounting.

The case of the Reverend Alan Boesak, ANC activist and former

religious leader, has been an educative experience f